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KL Druck is the best partner for chain stores.
Our new image film proves this impressively.

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Everything you need for 120 years

We are one of the leading print companies for digital printing, screen printing, offset printing and UV offset printing.

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Everything for the point of sale

We help you to seduce customers.
So your ideas sell.

Everything for outdoor advertising

We love grand appearances.
So your ideas are the talk of the town.

Everything for trade fairs + events

We bring emotions to life.
So your ideas put smiles on faces.

Everything to reduce your workload

We offer you a full service, from consulting to installation.

Everything related to printing

We constantly optimise printing technologies, colour systems, materials and workflows.

More than 120 years of innovation

We’re more than just passionate printers.
We’re also consultants, logistics specialists and technicians.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

We support our customers with everything that makes their brands, products and campaigns shine – and triggers buying impulses in consumers.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

We produce any print-run for you in screen printing, offset printing or digital printing: from a single unit to a large run. Our employees are also experts when it comes to transport advertising.

Trade Fairs + Events

Trade Fairs + Events

We develop spectacular presence which are guaranteed to remain firmly etched in visitors' minds – even if you only have a small space available.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

The best solution for your requirements. LED, LCD or OLED from very small to large video walls. Planning, approval, installation, content and 24/7 service - all from one source.

Full service – for big and small print runs

Offering you an unparalleled service – this has been KL Druck’s mission for four generations. How do we manage this? By sparing no effort to constantly enhance our service in all areas.

300 experts work in 3 printing plants at 1 location covering more than 20,000 square metres, 365 days a year, for your success!

Products and technologies

We take care of every step in the production process for orders of any size. From image editing to advertising technology, from digital printing, textile printingscreen printing and offset printing to global delivery and installation.

Project examples

Our examples show that we understand our craft. And have done so for more than 120 years. Whether for the point of sale, outdoor or transport advertising, or trade fairs + events: we tackle our customers' challenges day after day. We are much more than just a print shop, so you can celebrate more success.


Tailor-made solutions

Your challenge is our mission: with experience and an inventive spirit, we find or develop solutions for your special requirements in any size. Because "impossible" is not in our vocabulary.


The technologies and solutions of tomorrow

We use new printing technologies before they are officially on the market. On top of this, we continuously strive to optimise the efficiency, quality, costs and environmental compatibility of our colour systems, materials and workflows.


Showcasing your brand to perfection

We see ourselves as a sparring partner for the presentation of your brand. That's why we make anything possible, from the POS innovation realised for the first time, to the mobile print shop for events.


120 years and not the slightest bit tired

We have been growing for four generations. Because we believe that today's perfect solution doesn't have to be tomorrow's. This is why we invest with foresight in people and technology.


We possess technologies before they are even on the market. Because we’re the first stop for more than a decade when printing machine manufacturers like Hewlett Packard test their new products.

 In the Professional Association for outdoor advertising (FAW – Fachverband Aussenwerbung e.V.), companies are joining forces to represent the interests of outdoor advertising. KL Druck helps as a member with its experience to position outdoor advertising as a modern, competitive and intermedially comparable medium.

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